Administrative Law Topics: National Practitioner Data Bank

Avoiding Denial of a California Medical License by Withdrawing the Application

Medical license applicants in California may have the option to withdraw their applications before a final license denial.  Here is how it works:

The process starts when a medical resident or physician licensed in another state (or foreign jurisdiction) applies for a medical license in California.  The license application is made to the Medical Board of California where a medical license is formally called a physician and surgeon’s certificate. 

Are California Medical Board actions and the actions of other state medical boards reported on a national data base?

Yes. Every disciplinary decision and order of the California Medical Board is reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank, a registry of physician disciplinary actions all states report to under federal law. NOTE: if you are subject to disciplinary action in California or another state, you must still report that action to each state where you hold a medical license. California disciplinary actions against physicians or physician assistants are routinely reported by the Medical Board on its internet website.

Is a National Practitioner Data Bank Record of Discipline Permanent?

Yes. Records maintained by the National Practitioner Data Bank remain on file indefinitely. This includes orders for revocation, probation, or letters of reprimand. It does not include informal action, such as Citation & Fine orders in California.