California Physician Cleared of Negligence in Medical Board Investigation

A California physician received a patient complaint to the Medical Board of California alleging that the doctor had refused to provide the patient with proper pain medications, improperly refused to change medications when the patient had an adverse reaction, ignored test results, and refused to provide proper testing to diagnose and treat the patient's injury. The complaint also alleged inaccuracies in the patient's medical records.  The Medical Board demanded that the physician provide all pertinent medical records along with a written narrative of his treatment and care of the patient.

After acquiring and reviewing the records with counsel, it was apparent the patient was a pain drug seeker who was also pursuing a disability diagnosis for purposes of obtaining financial benefits.  The physician's records, including test results and patient charts, indicated thorough and appropriate medical treatment.  Counsel prepared a detailed response to the Medical Board.

The Medical Board concluded its investigation finding no fault with the physician's treatment and care of the patient.

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