Medical Board Terminates Physician's Probation Early

The Medical Board of California granted our Petition for Penalty Relief after an administrative hearing.  Our client is a physician who accepted his original California Medical License with five years of probation because of a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol as a medical resident.  After two years of probation, we petitioned for early termination of the California medical license probation.  

All cases involving petitions for penalty relief go to hearing before an administrative law judge at the Office of Administrative Hearings.  This case was heard in Los Angeles.  The administrative law judge (ALJ) considered the testimony of our client and his supervising physician.  We also presented character evidence by letters of support and by the telephone testimony of three physicians.  Supporting documents included the doctor's Board Certification and clean licenses from other states.

The ALJ issued a proposed decision which ordered termination of the California medical license probation, and the Medical Board adopted the ALJ's proposed decision.

Note: Our client was not represented by counsel or a California license attorney when he applied for his California Medical License and he made the decision to accept probation as a medical resident without legal representation.

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