Administrative Law Topics: License Applications / Renewals

License Applications and Renewals

Just In Time, Medical Board Issues License

A young physician had just completed his residency in Internal Medicine and was scheduled to start advanced fellowship training. His Postgraduate Training License (PTL) was expiring and he had applied for his Physician and Surgeon's license. Because his PTL was expiring, he was concerned that would not receive his full license in time to start his fellowship. Staff at the Medical Board's Licensing Division informed him that, due to staff and budget issues, it was taking 97 days just for an analyst to be assigned for initial review.

Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG) Four Year Program Approved

The Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG) is a prestigious, private university in Mexico with a medical school that has been recognized by the Medical Board of California for over forty years. UAG medical graduates bring valuable Spanish language and cultural skills to California's diverse communities.

Licensed Dentist with DUI Gets Clear License from Medical Board of California

This case involves two California agencies: The Dental Board and the Medical Board.  Our client is a licensed dentist and physician.

As a California dental surgeon (DDS), our client entered an M.D. degree program in surgery. Unfortunately, in the last few months of residency, the surgeon suffered a DUI conviction. The DUI was an isolated incident, and the surgeon reported the conviction to the Dental Board. Our client does not have an alcohol problem. The Dental Board of California recongized that disciplinary action was not warranted in this case.  

Unrestricted CA Medical License Granted to Rehabilitated Medical School Graduate

An applicant with an expunged felony conviction record for possession of drugs applied to and graduated from medical school after completing probation on the criminal charges. The applicant was completely transparent with the medical school and all subsequent training programs regarding the prior conviction. He fully disclosed the record to the Medical Board on his license application, understanding that even expunged records must be reported under California law.

California Medical License Applications--Reporting Criminal Records, Deferred Entry of Judgment, and Out-of-State Criminal Records

Physicians, including recent medical school graduates and physicians from other states or countries seeking a California medical license must fill out a state application which asks questions pertaining to criminal records.  Questions No. 55 through 58 pertain to criminal records that you may have to disclose.

Graduates from Foreign Medical Schools and California Medical Board Licensing

California's Medical Board maintains a website with a host of information, including a list of all approved medical schools, in the U.S.

Your California Medical License Application


Physicians must have a state license to practice in California.  Allowing sufficient time and providing a complete application with full documentation to the Medical Board can make a difference.  Failure to do so may result in delay, denial or the filing of a Statement of Issues and an administrative hearing. Lately (2012) the process has been taking about seven or eight months.

Avoiding Denial of a California Medical License by Withdrawing the Application

NOTE: The Medical Board no longer allows applicants to withdraw license applications to avoid a Statement of Issues (Updated June 29, 2017)

Medical license applicants in California may have the option to withdraw their applications before a final license denial.  Here is how it works:

PTAL (Postgraduate Training Authorization Letter) Extension Granted.

A foreign medical school graduate hoping for a Residency Match in California nearly lost her eligibility when the Medical Board denied a routine extension of her PTAL (Postgraduate Training Authorization Letter)  The board's denial was based on an allegation that she had improperly seen or treated patients while serving as a student-observer under the direction of faculty at a California medical school.  After the applicant contacted Slote  & Links, attorney Steve Boreman sought documentation from the supervising faculty member for submission to the Board.  Despite documentation showing

Medical License Approved After Misdemeanor Criminal Conviction and Failure to Disclose

An out-of-state applicant for a California medical license had a misdemeanor conviction for petty theft which occurred more than twenty years ago when the applicant was a teen-age undergraduate.  At the time of conviction,  a 3 month summary probation was imposed and the court as well as the applicant's attorney indicated that the matter would be expunged and need not be reported.  This information, however, was erroneous and Business and Professions Code section 480(a)(1) was clearly applicable, making expunged criminal records reportable notwithstanding a motion to expunge under Penal Cod