Administrative Law Topics: National Practitioner Data Bank

Avoiding Denial of a California Medical License by Withdrawing the Application

NOTE: The Medical Board no longer allows applicants to withdraw license applications to avoid a Statement of Issues (Updated June 29, 2017)

Medical license applicants in California may have the option to withdraw their applications before a final license denial.  Here is how it works:

Are California Medical Board actions and the actions of other state medical boards reported on a national data base?

Yes. Every disciplinary decision and order of the California Medical Board is reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank, a registry of physician disciplinary actions all states report to under federal law. NOTE: if you are subject to disciplinary action in California or another state, you must still report that action to each state where you hold a medical license. California disciplinary actions against physicians or physician assistants are routinely reported by the Medical Board on its internet website.