State Athletic Commission Revokes California Professional Boxing License

In October of 2010, the California Court of Appeal upheld the revocation of a professional boxer's license based on the action of his trainer.  Before a match, Athletic Commission inspectors discovered that the boxer's hands were wrapped with gauze wetted with a plaster-like substance. 

In legal proceedings, the boxer admitted the hand wraps were illegal, but he claimed no knowledge and blamed the trainer who wrapped his hands.  The trainer and boxer had worked together for 11 years.

The primary issue on appeal was whether the boxer could be held responsible based on the doctrine of strict liability.  The Court of Appeal decided that, based on the language of the particular regulations, it was reasonable to hold the boxer strictly liable for his trainer's violation of boxing regulations.

Margarito v. State Athletic Commission, California Court of Appeal Case B220649, Filed October 14, 2010.

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