California Board of Registered Nursing Dismisses Accusation Against R.N.

The California Board of Registered Nursing filed an Accusation against a registered nurse (R.N.) seeking discipline based on revocation in another state.  In fact, our client’s license had been reinstated in the other state.  We presented documents explaining the nature of the out-of-state revocation and reinstatement, and the Board of Registered Nursing dismissed the Accusation.

There were three key factors to the defense of the case:

1) Presentation of detailed evidence breaking down the chain of events which led to the out-of-state discipline and showing that nursing care was not at issue, and presentation of evidence establishing that our client is a good R.N. and an ethical person.

2) Facilitation of communication between two state licensing agencies.

3) Careful evaluation by the Deputy Attorney General assigned to prosecute the case and the enforcement staff at the Board of Registered Nursing.

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