California Board of Registered Nursing

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We defend California registered nurses (RNs) in license law matters.  In 2009, newly appointed members of the Board of Registered Nursing stepped up enforcement.  See Governor shakes up Board of Registered Nursing. What does it mean for our clients?  As a result, we have been very busy defending nursing license cases with significant activity in following areas:

  • Investigations -- Our early intervention has prevented the filing of Accusations.
  • Settlement Negotiations -- Through settlements by stipulation for probation, we have saved licenses without the cost of hearing.
  • Administrative Hearings -- We have avoided drug and alcohol terms of probation by fighting the case at hearing.
  • Writs of Mandate (mandamus) -- In 2010, we overturned discipline based on one conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and won attorney's fees against the Board of Registered Nursing.  See Nurse With One DUI--Court Overturns License Revocation by California Board of Registered Nursing. Update (August 2012): In 2011, we won a second single DUI case, but the Board of Registered Nursing prevailed in the Court of Appeal. See RN Loses Single DUI Case Before Court of Appeal
  • Petition for Reinstatement -- We have even helped nurses obtain reinstatement after a past license revocation.

If you receive a telephone call from an investigator or a formal Accusation by mail, contact us as soon as possible to speak with a California administrative law attorney who has expertise in Board of Registered Nursing cases. 

Disclaimer:  You should not rely on our past results to predict the outcome in your case because our summary may simplify or omit facts and legal issues for the sake of brevity.  Even if your case is in fact similar to one of our past results, there are many variables which can lead to different results in similar cases.