Medical Board Petition to Terminate Probation Early Granted

A psychiatrist was put on probation by the Medical Board of California following an administrative law hearing in 2010 after an accusation charging negligence and record keeping violations had been filed.  The doctor was found negligent for failing to provide adequate means for patients to make contact on an emergency basis, as well as record keeping violations.  The term of probation imposed was five years, with requirements that courses in Ethics and Record Keeping be completed.

At an administrative law hearing on a Petition for Penalty Relief (Early Termination of Probation) we presented evidence from the physician, two practice monitors, as well as substantial documentary evidence showing that the physician had fully revised management of the psychiatric practice to ensure patient accessibilty and communications and corrected all record keeping problems.  The physician and the other witnesses all testified to the excellent care this psychiatrist provides to patients, including severely mentally ill patients in an underserved area.  The physician clearly demonstrated rehabilitation and safety to practice. The physician's testimony and evidence was deemed highly credible and persuasive by the Administrative Law Judge, who granted the petition.  The decision to grant early termination of probation was subsequently approved by the Medical Board in October of 2013.

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