CTC Grants Teacher's Petition for Reinstatement

When a teaching credential is revoked for misconduct, it can be difficult to obtain reinstatement.  Only deserving cases will merit that remedy, and they must be presented with sensitivity and professionalism.

Recently, our office represented a teacher whose credential had been revoked almost 20 years ago for misconduct involving a student. The teacher had made several previous petitions for reinstatement, all of them unsuccessful.

Several factors made the difference this time, including:

  1. a complete record documenting the teacher’s rehabilitation;
  2. proof of the quality of work in the intervening years;
  3. presentation of a full psychological analysis demonstrating that there was no likelihood of future misconduct; and
  4. convincing testimony from the teacher applicant about education-related work pursued during the ensuing years as well as    the professional contributions that could be made to the community if reinstated.

After thoroughly and thoughtfully  considering the matter, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) granted reinstatement. 

Bo Links is a San Francisco attorney with the law firm of Slote & Links.  Attorneys at Slote & Links defend California certificated school employees (teachers and administrators) as well as other licensed professionals.

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